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Businesses often face the challenge of creating clear and compelling service proposals that effectively convey value to clients, which can lead to misunderstandings about the scope of services, pricing, and expected outcomes and finally to lower conversion rates and lost opportunities against competitors with more persuasive presentations. A streamlined solution is needed to produce customized proposals that resonate with clients and drive engagement.

Craft exceptional proposals effortlessly with our professional templates, offering:

  • A centralized hub for all reference materials needed to construct your proposal
  • Categorization of the documentation per client and offer
  • Pre-structured templates designed for top-tier documentation
  • A flexible workflow that can be adapted to your unique processes
  • Simple PDF export for completed proposals
  • Customizable templates for personalized needs
  • Team collaboration features to create a compelling proposal together
  • Dedicated support from the team
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Get a tool to build consistent and strong proposals that shine, along with the following benefits of using Notion.

Centralized Data
All your key clients documentation is stored in one place, making it easy to access, re-use and update.
You can customize your document workflow to fit your specific internal process and terminology.
Collaborate with team members by sharing and updating pipeline information in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
Notion can be integrated with other tools and systems, allowing for seamless data transfer and workflow automation.
Mobile Access
Notion is available on mobile devices, enabling you to review your documents on the go.
Efficiency and Productivity
By streamlining and organizing your clients' documentation, Notion helps improve the efficiency and productivity of your process.
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Star Proposal

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